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If you are a people’s person, with excellent communication skill, and dynamic enough to face any challenge at the workplace, real estate is the ideal domain to kick start your career. We here at Full Basket Property are open to welcome smart and super enthusiastic taskmasters, ready to try their luck to enter the threshold of real estate paradigm.

Career as a realtor is elegant and challenging by helping out the clients with the properties they are looking from. Mostly, they have to filter the listings that we maintain and have to find out the most sought-after lands and homes for our trusted clienteles we have maintained so far.

Apart from retaining the old business relationships, we are equally passionate in drawing attention the new home buyers. At Full Basket Property, we aim to support out esteem clients with the plethora of properties we have in our listings that are pretty more upgraded and sorted by perfectionists.

We are happy to make the home hunting process a little less complicated for the new residence searchers. For that, we look for young and passionate employees in our multiple positions. Depending on the experience we offer jobs. But, at the same time, we score on the talent quotient while hiring professionals as well as fresher’s for the positions.

Full Basket Property houses some of the finest realtor specialists working in this generation. We are proud of our existing sets of employees who are 100% dedicated to their jobs. You being a part of the Full Basket Property family will be abided with the opportunity to learn more. If you have a disciplined learner inside you, within a very short while you will be elevated from the fresher to a taskmaster.

But for that, you will have to upgrade your knowledge and understanding of the latest real estate market expectations. From our end, the teams often arrange meetings and seminars where the team leads discuss on various topics regarding the latest growths and developments in the realm of real estate. With the help of Audio-Video and Slide shares, the discussions are carried on.

Following the philosophy of our company, we are focused on maintaining an amiable atmosphere in the workplace. Employees work as teams and the team leaders and managers are in the constant process to boost the juniors by providing resources and ideas.

Full Basket Property is run like a family where we focus deeply on maintaining excellent relationship within teams and senior management. Often the senior management strategizes plans and decisions by interacting with teams, which we consider viable for the betterment of the company to a certain extent.

If the team members work shoulder-to-shoulder, they can possibly fuel the best of the growth of any organization. Like corporate houses, such behavior is also expected in the real estate domain as well.

Our training teams will help you scale yourself by learning the use of proper tools and strategies to satisfy the clients. If you are a fresher, do follow the footsteps of your seniors in the firm and learn how they work. Above all, to develop your career with us you have to be ready to handle both the paperwork as well as fieldwork jobs. We here at Full Basket Property want our employees to have sound legal ideas of the properties they are handling.

Before elaborating the project to the clients, you are expected to be upgraded with every single detail of the properties. Without your own understanding, it will become difficult for you to make the customers elaborate the details when you will take them to the site. Thus, we ask to give extra effort on a detailed study of the projects.

We at Full Basket Property ensure the best of your career growth. Within a few years, you will fly high in the booming real estate sector. Starting from discussing the listings to communicating with the clients, you will understand how dedicatedly we help in finding the properties to our clients.

We will help you learn how you can go beyond your limitations in not only finding the right domestic or commercial property to the customers, but also to support them by post-sales service. We boast on our flagship post-sales service for which we stand out of the crowd. Unlike our market competitors, we don’t end the relationship with our clients soon after closing a deal.Employees at Full Basket Property ensure post-sales service to the clients whenever they seek any professional guidance starting from legal to renovation and more.

At Full Basket Property, you will be trained to be a prolific realtor and at the same time, a trusted and dependable real estate professional who is aided with all the latest equipment to guide the customers to find the homes of their dreams.

Seeking career growth in real estate? Join Full Basket Property now! We are responsible for building the career of many professional realtors till date. If you aspire to be a superstar realtor and earn the reputation by instigating the finest ideas you have, don’t let it go in vain! Send us your CV at our (email id) and let our HR-Recruitment Manager give you a call for a face-to-face interview.

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