7 Brands Endorsed by MSD in Real Estate & Real Estate Supporting Industries

7 Brands Endorsed by MSD in Real Estate & Real Estate Supporting Industries

By : Priyanka Chakraborty  Date : Aug 25, 2020

Captain Cool, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, might be out of the international cricket pitch yet his intrigue on the advertisement pitch will bear long. Dhoni's spirit, similar to a vintage wine, is with the end goal that endorsement agreement will keep on arriving on his table and there is probably not going to be any decay in the previous captain's brand value. Dhoni and his brand value will, in this manner, see no reduction provided his brave format of cricket skill sees no change. Most cricketers' brand value does for sure associate with their dynamic playing career, yet for somebody of Dhoni's range, there will be an infinite glow, that if appropriately sustained may keep him much sought after.

Dhoni has in the past few years been extending his business advantages and lately made investments in some new-age projects. Be that as it may, his affection for real estate and its supporting industries has esteemed him as a dependable association between the product and the consumer. Dhoni's insight, humbleness, "brimming with life" attitude, energy, and dependability alongside his engaged leadership attributes with a reliable reputation are the ideal properties that coordinate these brands' image.

Brands which Mahendra Singh Dhoni endorsed to support real estate and its accompanied industries are as follows:

Sumadhura Group

The real estate brand, Sumadhura, and MS Dhoni united in 2018, still going strong after 2 years. The previous Indian Cricket team captain has represented the firm in all of its national campaigns in a multi-year commitment, who are known for their inflexible qualities and trust earned more than 20 years of greatness in business. Sumadhura's journey has been like that of Dhoni's, which shows an estimable capacity of confronting difficulty and beating the chances.

Amrapali Group

Dhoni was the brand ambassador of Amrapali for 6-7 years beginning in 2009. He kept on featuring in its advertising and marketing activities till 2016. This period saw the construction organization start a few large scale residential and commercial ventures across Delhi-NCR, all gratitude to Dhoni's generosity.

Orient Electric

Dhoni was first signed by Orient Fans in 2006. Consistently, the brand makes different TVCs with this cricket sensation, trailed by the launch of several new campaigns to boost its new set of products, promoting his strong values of integrity and dependability. The brand has been related to the maestro cricketer for over 11 years.

Coromandel Cements

Coromandel Cements claimed the Indian Premier League franchise Chennai Super Kings from 2008 to 2014. The prior captain of the Indian cricket team has been a long-serving personnel of the Coromandel Cements, appointed as its Vice-President in 2013. Dhoni as an ingenious director demonstrated certain that his position in the organization's board isn't simply privileged.

Indigo Paints

Indigo Paints ropes in Dhoni as their brand ambassador in 2018, for the following 3 years. Keeping Mahendra Singh Dhoni as the focal point of numerous campaigns, the brand launched a chain of exercises via social media mediums, for example, quizzes, challenges, and so on. To expand its brand recognition and built greater commitment with its audience, Indigo Paints displayed MS Dhoni's cricketing journey, who rose from a small community to contact cricketing peaks.

SRMB Steel

SRMB Steel was Dhoni's first brand advertisement agreement after he turned into its brand face in 2018, which has seen Mahi featuring in its TVCs and creatives with renowned Kapil Dev. Dhoni embraced this brand with the ideals of giving individuals a solid establishment for their dream home, for which they spent a lifetime of blood and sweat to build. Also highlighted how teamwork is significant in each part of life and how it keeps people united.

Livfast Batteries

Dhoni was designated as the brand ambassador of Livfast Batteries in 2018. Automobile Batteries, Inverters, Inverter Batteries, and Solar Applications brand, LivFast, launched its first promoting effort with MSD during the last couple of days of 2018. Constancy, development, trust, and speed are the brand's guiding principles and MSD certainly embodies the brand values for the last 2 years.

Dhoni was one of the top endorsers for real estate, e-commerce, and customer durables organizations in the previous years, having been the face for more brands than any other big name. Brands no more see Dhoni only as a celebrity to recommend their products. Dhoni's worth remainder is driven from the way that in cricket his absence stays as large an argument as his existence on the field. Undoubtedly, on the brands and business pitch, Brand Dhoni still remains not out.

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